Thank you so much for visting HYGGEME.

I am Kim Flower founder of HYGGEME. I live in beautiful Scotland with my two amazing girsl who ,every day , teach me to become a better person. The most important think in life is to be happy and so what makes you happy ,however this is also one of the hardest things to find and be . I do believe with the right mindset , willingness to try and being open to anything that presents itself happiness is possible for everyone.

What started as an outlet to explore positivity has become my passion .At the age of 38 I took my first steps to a different life.I had no idea where the journey would take me and I certainly was not practising positivity or even happy in my life however I had this desire for a different life .

The first few years of this path are all a bit of a blur ,my main focus was to build a happy home for my children .I did not really care for myself only my children's happiness. I worked hard to build a comfortable home for them and make sure they were not suffering, as  a result of the changes that were going in their life - a new home, parents separating , grief and anger.I would drown my feelings by surrounding myself with people and alcohol at any social occasion I could. Over the years my circle had grown larger however I felt the loneliest I had ever felt . It took until I hit rock bottom inside to see the life I was beginning to create was making me deeply and unhappy .

A couple of years ago , over a chance conversation with a friend , I was introduced to a Reiki practioner . Little did I know that day , that this person would change my path and lead to me the life I had been searching for . It was not an easy journey and somedays it is still tough but the person I have found inside me was worth every tear ,hurdle and heartbreak. 

I use postivity everyday to keep me on track and I wanted to share what I have learned with others to help them find happiness.

My dream and long term goal is to have a HYGGEME SANCTUARY a place where anyone can go and feel welcomed and wanted . A place that offers warmth , postivity , hope and a little bit of happiness at those difficult times in peoples life. A place surrounded with positive books, positive quotes and offering people the chance to try different tools to help them find a bit of happiness and peace in their life. A place to get creative ,a place to be mindful, a place to be kind to your body and mind.


My purpose to help others enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer .I hope you enjoy following our  HYGGEME journey  .

Love KF x