There are so many lonely people out there desperate for companionship and conversation. On the flip side there are so many predators out there looking,  and happy, to take advantage of that loneliness.When these two worlds collide it creates a place of desperation ,heartache, anxiety and lies.

Why would I ever consider visiting such an awful place ?Where is this destructive place ? 


This is a common place ,in  this era, to discuss with friends on a daily basis.  Delve beneath the surface of the place that promises to find your perfect " MATCH" and you find an abundance of lonely people and going through difficult times .These people are desperate for some companionship and conversation in the darkest parts of their day and night. Mix this with an abundance of predators, using this place to take advantage of that loneliness for their own selfish pleasure, and you created a recipe for self destruction and more loneliness .

I've been one of those lonely people, at certain points in my life. Living in hope of finding "the one " , the one that ticked all the boxes. I soon realised I had to start working on myself first, ticking my own boxes and learning to love myself . I realised I should be visiting a place full of positivity, motivation, inspiration and one to give genuine hope but  where did I find such a place ?

Well I didn't I created one HYGGEME. A place where anyone can click on and visit day or night to feel positive, motivated and inspired to improve themselves and their lives. HYGGEME changed my life and helped me to love myself and enjoy simple pleasures. Let it do the same for you. Come follow and share HYGGEME to help us all live a more positive life .