I have over the past few years  bagged a couple of Munros , so when asked by a friend if I fancied going walking in Arran I was totally up for the challenge , oh and a challenge it was indeed !One of total mind over matter .

The walk in total was 19km, which started by walking up Glen Sannox to the saddle then back down through Glen Rosa . The views were amazing walking up Glen Sannox . Heather covered hills with deer everywhere . Scotland at its finest . As we reached up towards The Saddle the weather turned colder , snow started to fall and the wind grew stronger .

I am a strong , determined person but I have to admit in the final 20minutes of my ascent I nearly crumbled .There is a part leading up to THe Saddle called the Whin Dyke it is narrow , very steep and is mostly flat rocks which were covered in ice and snow .I was determined to get up to the top however fear had also kicked in at this point .

Fear is such an unnecessary drain of your energy . I was fearing something that hadn't happened . As I hung there gripping to the Whin Dyke I knew I had to take control of my mind and thoughts or I would not make it . My legs had frozen on the spot,  my mind was not willing them to move . My friend , who was behind me, sensed this and being more than qualified  in dealing with this type of situation , was patient yet firm with me . As I listened to his words I knew there and then I had to change my mind set .

I started imaging myself at the top , I told myself I was strong enough to do this , i told myself to get a grip and just tackle this as I had tackled every  hurdle, obstacle , problem in my life - head on with determination and strength . Those 20minutes were the longest period of what was a 5 hour hike however as I got to the top and gave my friend the biggest hug of gratitude I was yet again overcome by how strong and powerful tool your mind is . No matter how strong you are physically if your mindset isn't right you will never achieve great things .

Go on challenge your mind !!

Kim Flower 

Founder of HYGGEME