This sometime we all to often do not practise . This is vital for our health and well being . If we do not look after ourself first then  it can have huge impact on the other relationships we have in our life's . With a simple routine we can start to implement some self care into our life's .

1.SLEEP- this is vital in order to function well and feel good about our ourselves . Getting to bed that little bit earlier,  every night,  can have a great impact on our next day .

2. EXERCISE - whatever is your thing walking, running , yoga just do it . Just get out there and get those good endorphins going , this is one thing you will never regret doing only not doing . Just do it as Nike says . 

3. POSITIVE THINKING - fuel your mind , body and spirit well . Each day wake up and change your mindset to a positive thought for the day ahead . This is going to be a fantastic day where I will feel fulfilled . .. Positivity will change your life .

4. WRITE- offload your thoughts into paper or a tablet . Write down your worries turn them into actions . Write down your dreams and turn them into plans . Write down what makes you smile and do more of that .

5. BREATHE - take 5 minutes, out each day,  to just be , to learn to live and feel yourself in the moment . Not thinking aboiyt the future of the past . Mindfulness apps and YouTube are great for this . Get this into your daily routine and you will reap the benefits . Start today and learn to take care of yourself.

learn to love yourself first .  

Kim Flower 

(founder of HYGGEME)  

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