HEALING HANDS - Reflexology

For a while now I have been on a journey of self help & self care . I have discovered that the types of therapy my mind and body respond most to are the alternative ones .

Today, for the first time , I went for  a hour session of reflexology . With other relaxation treatments, like massage,I have always struggled to fully relax and my mind tends to run wild as I lie there and by the end I am no more relaxed than when I first arrived . Today instantly it was different .

As I lay there under the warm blanket all warm and safe , Cloda started to work on my left foot . Instantly I felt my mind drifting into a more calm , relaxed state . All the strain & pressure our feet must carry we never give a thought to . They are the very things that keep as grounded and every ounce of our body is carried by our feet .

I am amazed how a   foot massage is actually healing. A very large number of nerve endings are concentrated on the soles, and opposite ends of those same nerves are spread in all other parts of the body. Accordingly, feet represent a map of the whole body. 

One of the main things that attracted me to reflexology was that one of the benefits is to help with mental health and wellness . Having suffered depression for years I am constantly searching for new techniques to relieve stress and promote a happier and healthier me . 

I always repeat in my head some positive affirmations when staring any type of therapy . They change each time depending on what is going on in my life at the time today my affirmations were all about HYGGEME and how it is bring so much positivity and happiness to my life and how I can visualise it growing into something very special and unique .

i lay with those thoughts in my head as Cloda worked across each toe working firmly on every part and as she did my body and mind were reaping the benefits . I was aware that my right foot,  that wasn't getting worked on, was beginning to feel heavier and heavier. Or was it that all the stresses and strains were being lifted from left foot it was feeling rejuvenated , lighter and the feeling was brining a calmness to me mentally and physically .

i have regular Reiki and the healing power I get during that I never thought I would experience during other treatment until today . I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is suffering any type of stress.  

i also have to thank the lovely Cloda from SKinfinti for working her magic . 

kim flower  

Founder of  HYGGEME