It's a beautiful morning to be sober .

Another year passes and the usual chat of dry January commences . Yes I have done this in the past , the main focus being to shift the Christmas lbs . 

This year was different , I was sick of alcohol , I was sick of the way it made me feel , I was sick of  fuzzy mornings , I was sick of wasting time .. I needed a holiday from it to start living life without having alcohol as part of it . From day one I began to notice a difference . 

I am naturally an early riser, which I love however when alcohol is involved it can double the impact of a hangover due to lack of sleep . This was the first thing I noticed my early rises were more pleasurable and meaningful . This became my quiet time to fill in as much as possible before the day begins for everyone else . My mornings now consistent of some or all of the following and I would recommend you try to fit some of these into your morning routine . 

An early morning run at 6 am  - maybe just 5k but enough to get my good endorphins going for the day .  I would totally recommend starting your day with some sort of exercise , whatever suits you . Yoga, walking , running a HIIT workout on YouTube . We have no excuse these days as we can easily turn our living room into a workout room with the wonder of YouTube . Exercise is my number one therapy and always will be . I ran my first marathon when suffering depression , it is my medication .What I get from running is something  no drug can ever do for me . 

Meditation - even just 5 minutes I was trying to squeeze in to start the day in a positive way . Meditation  is not my strong point , I'm pretty rubbish at it , such an overactive mind but even a little is definitely worth doing and you will notice the benefits I promise ! My reiki teacher introduced me to it with mindfullness and introduced me to some visualisation to keep my mind from wandering . All my thoughts I channel into a bubble above my head . Those few minutes of just being , living in the moment and being present are so worthwhile . 

Positivity - well I would not have created HYGGEME if I did not believe in a positive mindset ! Looking back I went through a period of my life in such a negative place in my head . I was angry , hurt , scared , ill and slowly all these things were killing me inside . When I started on my journey, to a more positive life,this was one of the first things that I connected with . I took on board , relatively quickly given my state of mind at that point , the impact a positive mindset could have on your life , day or even health . Miriam , my mentor , worked with me to believe in myself again . I hated myself , I felt worthless and I was slowly dying inside . The first thing MIriam did was write a couple of affirmations down for me and we worked on repeating them together . It was bloody hard as the words were of loving myself and of a wonderful life , for years I didn't think I deserved this I deserved to be punished . As I took on board these affirmations and started visualise myself being happy , having the happy  life I dreamed of small shifts happened . I drowned myself in reading positive books , quotes basically anything that made me feel good about myself . The changes happened pretty quickly in my life . People round about me noticed a different Kim one that had a solution to every problem , a positive for every negative a passion for a better life and a passion to help others . Every morning I work on my HYGGEME page even if it is just one positive quote I need to do it . It sets me up for a better day as well and has the added bonus of being able to help others too . As you can tell positivity, I am totally hooked on .It is up to us to choose what kind of day we are going to have . Why would you choose to start the day angry at the world , instead try to focus on something positive . I also recommend your last thought at night is a positive one . Be proud of even one thing you achieved , or did that day no matter how small . 

Inspiration - being a hugely creative person being able to enjoy my mornings with no fuzzy head has had serious impact on my creativeness . Basically it's gone into overload ! I always spend at least 15minutes with my thoughts and inspiring myself creatively . This could be anything from a new idea for HYGGEME , looking for some new inspirational quotes , planning my outfit for the day or my wardrobe for my travels , creating new boards on Pinterest , planning new journeys , looking at new fonts , the list goes on . When I am being creative and inspired that is when I am at my happiest , looking back it always has been. Somewhere along the way I lost that part of me . Try to find something that inspires you, makes you happy and slot time in to absorb your mind with it ! It feels great to fill your mind with the things that excite and inspire you . 

 I will not give up that precious time in the mornings , even if I need to get up even earlier I do it just to have this invaluable time to do the things that help me have a positive , productive , inspiring day . My weekends are no longer wasted , my purse is more full , my skin is more hydrated , my body is less bloated , my running has improved and my energy levels are at a peak !

Is this forever ? yes the new me is forever  . Is the no alcohol forever ? Let's just say my whole mindset of alcohol has changed . Yes I will still go on to enjoy the occasional drink but I enjoy my life too much without it to allow it into my weekly routine anymore ! 

Let's face it as much as alcohol can make us laugh and have fun it is the biggest depressent of all .  

January for me has been full of fun with my girls movie nights , dinner dates , parks , coffees , games , exercise , planning , achieving but most of all being happy and leading a positive more inspiring life . 

Eliminate the negative - this will be the topic of my next blog I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences on this process . 

Love and light 


founder of HYGGEME  




 Time is precious , use it wisely . 

Time is precious , use it wisely .