When my life fell apart it and I was at my lowest that is when , looking back , I started to long for the enjoyment of simple pleasures again .

i have always worked hard , been independent however I have never craved to have the biggest diamond , the latest bag or even some power driven title at work . I now realise it's the simple things I have enjoyed the most. Being with family , surrounding myself with people that make me happy , cooking on a Sunday afternoon , reading a good book , a glass of wine after a long day and anything that involves fresh air .

7 years ago it was the loss of the simple pleasures that I was angry and upset about . I could not even read one paragraph of a magazine let alone a full book . I had no concentration as my mind drifted to the pain and the hurt I was surrounded by and feeling . I could not relax in my home I felt isolated , alone , helpless and desperate . That glass of wine I use to love to linger over and enjoy turned into a pain killer to drown out the mess in my head . Cooking became a chore and a necessity rather than the pleasure and Sunday ritual it use to be . Running became hard as my muscles had wasted away and my energy levels were so low .

I can't honestly say at the time I realised those were the things I was missing . In my head I thought it was a person I was missing from my life .The person who had brought me so much laughter , fun , compassion, excitement and a connection that you can't translate into words . That  very person consumed my thoughts day and night I would torment myself as to whether words written , songs played , plans made were ever real , had those things actually ever been said or was it all in my mind .

If only back then I knew what I know now . However I do believe what happened in my life happened for a reason . Hitting rock bottom was the turning point and the beginning of a journey to a happier, more fulfilling life where I enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer . I don't remember there being an exact turning point of realisation of the simple pleasures. I do think gradually I just started to find them again .

My 3 simple pleasures are the things that bring me the most joy and happiness to my life and I could not live without and they bring huge amounts of HYGGE to my life .

MY GIRLS - for me this simple pleasure will always be top of my list . Spending time with my two girls . Whether we are curled up watching a film , all in the house in different rooms , going on a trip or fighting over who is first in the bathroom just having as all together gives me that HYGGE feeling you can't translate . As I have watched them grow they in turn have watched me grow . They have watched their mum grow into a happy , healthy women . They have watched  the tears, the anxiety  and depression disappear and be replaced with laughter , positivity, a calmness and even more love.

MY HOME - this is my sanctuary . From the moment I walked through the door  ,7 years ago , this became the place I felt safe in . This was mine no one could take this away from me and it was, and still is, at the very heart of what is important to me . A place to go to feel safe and loved . My home brings my family together each day and that is what is important . A home should be loved and I have, over the years , and continue to work on creating a place that is calm, peaceful , inviting and a place to feel wanted . I have had bigger homes with huge kitchens , too many bedrooms and bathrooms but they never felt as this small but perfect house does.

EXERCISE - although running is my main form of exercise I get pleasure from anything that involves physical activity . Exercise helped me throughout my depression and continues to be a huge part of what makes me happy . I like everyone do have days ,even weeks , where I struggle to motivate myself to get out and do something . The one thing I do know is you never regret doing it , you only regret when you don't . My running I do for a few reasons firstly staying fit and healthy ( both mentally and physically ). I use it for thinking time as some of my best ideas come throughout a run or some of the hardest problems are solved . The other reason is to push myself to keep reminding myself how important it is to mentally positive in order to achieve positive results . Marathons are not all about the physical aspect of running they are about being mentally prepared too .

Each day I am grateful for those three simple pleasures I have in my life and as the years have progressed I can now enjoy many other simple pleasures too .

You will never be truly happy by chasing money , longing for a bigger house, bigger car or the latest Mulberry bag . It's time to start focusing on what will truly make you happy and the simple everyday things in your life that important to you .

SImplicity is the key to a happier life .

I would recommend a wonderful book that has helped me to simplfy my  life . Even small changes can help you to enjoy simple pleasures again  .

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Simplify your life  

Simplify your life