Over the past year I have become more interested  and curious over simplicity and minimialist  living . This started with an introduction to a few simple fen shui tips to apply to my home by my Reiki practitioner 

As I started to apply these simple ideas to my home I could instantly feel the impact it was having not just visually on my home but the impact it was having on my mental health . 

Before I took the decision , 7 years ago , to completely change my life my house was very different to the one I live in now . It had 5 bedrooms , 3 bathrooms a huge 20+ft kitchen , laundry room , lounge , TV room the list goes on . All this space for just 4 people ( one just a baby )..How did this come about ? My previous homes had not been like that they had been very much perfect size and fit for the purpose intended . What makes people feel they need a bigger house , all this space they never use ? 

When I look back , well actually straight across the road as I live opposite to it now , I see things very differently to how I did then . Tat beautiful house with all its space , all the hard work , all the time , all the money and all the upkeep spent on it had ultimately brought with it huge amounts of stress to my life .

More house and more space brought with it more work- more  cleaning , more upkeep , more money and more rooms to fill . When I think aboit all that space and how much of the space was actually used, I do think what a totally waste of money and more importantly time . Time you can never get back . As I set foot through that door everyday , after work , so the work began and never ended . All that space that was never used just to become a chore to clean and maintain. 

7 years ago when my world fell apart, maybe actually my life was falling into place . A simpler life , a life that would bring more time , more money and less possessions . The house I own now sits directly oppposite the one I previously owned . My home, when  I bought , it had 2 bedrooms , 1 bedroom and a ground open plan living , kitchen and dining space . The house I live in now is my family home not just a house . I love this house , I love that every room is full of life everyday , I love that it doesn't become a full time chore maintaining it after a full week of work , I love that myself and my daughters are close to each other at all times even when separated by just a door . Last year I build a 3 bedroom so my daughters could,at last, have their own space with this came huge rewards for us as a family . My daughters were growing up and needed their own space pre bedroom 3 things were getting overcrowded and stressful in bedroom number 2 . 

Where did the idea come from that more money should mean you but yourself more space . Having less in your life , focusing on what you actually need , what purpose do you need it for actually brings so much more to your life than surrounding yourself with space and posssesions you don't need or use . 

This simplicity and this minimalist way of living I'm fascinated by and the impact it has on your mental health . I am far from achieving my end goal but everyday I'm working towards and planning what to simplify next in my life . The simplist of steps can have a huge impact on how you feel, 

In a way looking back that large house was nothing more than another example of excess . We have become a nation of greed and excess . We are made to believe we need more space , we needed more stuff and all this extra spending will  make our life's so much richer when in fact it does the complete opposite . 

i was discussing this with a friend in work today and she noted something she had stopped and stared while walking through the city . An empty BHS store with it's windows wiped out . A homeless man sitting begging and the words in pink spray painted across "let the people n and no more homeless deaths " . This empty Arcadia store which  was  brought to its knees by a man who was full of greed , was now lying empty as are 100's of others . All that empty space as all these people sleep on the streets night after night .THese people are not living with less they are living with nothing .. their carbdvoard and sleeping bag are their homes. 

Maybe if we all lived with less some people could begin to live with more . 


love KF X