Love yourself inside and out .  

Love yourself inside and out .  

A huge part of why I created HYGGEME was also to improve on myself both inside and out . Like everyone I have days , weeks and months I struggle with every day life and turn to food for comfort .  I also love to cook and fit this into my life as pleasure time for me. A Sunday afternoon cooking with a glass of wine is one of my favourite pleasures . 

What I have been noticing recently , as I get older , is my skin seems to be getting duller and my metabolic rate has slowed down . With that need to increase my level of activity to keep my metabolic rate going . Someone I know was planning on doing a 3 day juice cleanse that she had bought and I was intrigued by this and decided to develop my own and give it a go . 

After spending time researching and trawling the internet for inspiration and facts I was ready to start planning my own . Like everything i try to do in my life now I wanted to keep the juice cleanse simple  . I decided to use Monday ,Tuesday and Wednesday as my 3 days to do the HYGGEME CLEANSE that way  as

• I could still enjoy my weekends.

• Easy to fit round my work . 

• Great way to cleanse yourself inside after a weekend of indulgence. 

• Allows you the Sunday to do the prep. 

I must say I found it a lot easier than I imagined to do . At no point did I feel hungry  however I do think I was in the mindset that I wanted to see it through and feel the benefits .

I was very surprised by the results and all in just 3 days . 

• My skin was brighter and clearer.. By morning of the 3rd day I actually didn't mind looking in the mirror first thing at my face . This change didn't go unnoticed by others , it  motivated me even more when people commented how good my skin looked . 

• My eyes had lost all puffiness . Over the past couple of years I had noticed my eyes beng puffy in the morning this was the one thing I was extremely surprised at the results of the cleanse . 

• That mid afternoon slump at work disappeared. Usually by 3 I would start to feel a lack of energy and motivation however I felt more alert and brighter throughout this time . 

• My stomach felt flatter and less bloated . I am not a believer in scales or weighing yourself however I do know by the fit of my clothes my waistline felt neater and overall I felt better about myself . 

• I had more energy and my running and exercise seemed to benefit from the extra energy . 

This is not a diet , this is not about losing weight this about self improvement from the inside . If you are wanting something to cleanse yourself inside and out and make you feel better than I would recommend giving it ago . For 3 days just feeding your body lots of goodness and natural food .

WIth all of the cleanse juices recipes feel free to adapt your own using the fruits and vegetables you like . It's good to add your own spin and identity to this . 

Also if you do struggle , as I did , with missing that savoury taste sensation keep a jar of picked beetroot or onions to hand !


strawberries ( frozen or fresh ) 

bananas ( ripe )






spinach ( frozen or fresh) 

Fresh mint  ( buy a potted one ) 








handful oats   

Strawberries a large handful approx 9 






THE GREEN ONE  ( the pick me up ) 

spinach (  la arge handful ) 

mango 1/2  


pimeapple 8 cubes


squeeze of lime  

spoonful of honey 

Cup of water  


THE GREEN ONE ( the refresher )  

spinach ( a large  handful  )

avocado ( 1/4) 



pineapple (handful cubes ) 

squeeze of lime  


spoonful honey  


I drank 4 a day and tended to make double of one of the green ones . I would pack as much spinach and mint in a I could . 

The last thing couple of things I would recommend is to drink as much water as possible and I would also recommend kick starting your day with some apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water with lime juice and honey to help kick start your cleanse . 

I would love to hear how you get on with it if you try it and remember if you want to introduce some product snack on some unsalted nuts .

Healthy body / healthy mind  .




( founder HYGGEME)