HYGGEME-start living the life you dream of .

Over the past few years I have heard and discussed with so many people about wanting to live a different life . 


The common denominator in all these conversations has been work . Each and every person was getting up each Monday with a weight on their shoulders, a heaviness for the week ahead and a longing for Friday to come . 

The conversations were and are usually along the same lines -

 I want to be doing something different .

I'm just bored .

I get no satisfaction from my work .

I am so unhappy . 

My work is draining the life out of me . 

I could go on and on with these statements as I've heard and said so many of them myself .  

Instead of living a life we now work to live . 

So what is it that is stopping all these people from living the life they dream of . A life more fulfilling , a happier life and a life that makes every Monday a pleasure to wake up to .

One word - FEAR  

Fear of the unknown  .

Fear of failure .  

Fear of paying bills.  

Fear of losing the stability.  

That word is the one and only thing stopping all these people .

What if all these people though faced their fear started living the life they dream of , changed what they did on a Monday morning and started to take that first step to a happier life ? 

I have had the pleasure to know a lovely, bright, bubbly, fun living girl for many years through work . She has been a huge supporter of HYGGEME and also leaving lovely comments on the quotes that are posted . Last week I read,in one of her posts, that she had left her work .I sent her a message wishing her well for the future and asking what she was going to be doing .Her reply I don't know !

This beautiful girl inside and out had become unhappy, lost her confidence and felt let down by the way others  around her had been treated . This amazing girl wasn't going to carry on living a life that was unhappy , unfulfilled and draining her . This girl took control of her life , felt the fear and left her job . 

A lot of  people's reaction to this was your mad ! Mine was quite the opposite I was so proud of her for leaving the  part of her life that made her unhappy . I loved her excitement and enthusiasm for the unknown .. instead of being scared of the unknown she was excited , happy and hugely optimistic .

overcoming her fear had allowed her to become happy again and start living a life rather than working to live . I of course understand more than anyone we all have bills to pay and commitments but if we want to change our life's to a happier one we also need to make changes to our current situation . Clearing debts , simplifying our life's and cutting our cloth accordingly .

Fears don't stop death , we have no control over that , they stop life . They stop us living the life that we dream of . A life of happiness .. I'm not talking about a life full of material things . 

A life of happiness. 

A life full of love for each day. 

A life that has a purpose . 

A life full of simple pleasures. 

I myself am so inspired by my friends story it has pushed me as well to face my fears .


KF x