HYGGEME- surround yourself with people who reduce the stress not cause it .


The past week other things have got in the way of HYGGEME ... I would love to say they were important things,  that needed HYGGEME's full attention but they were not . They were negative situations that entered into my life that I let consume me .

Yes even KF Miss positivity can have a lapse . 

With all the work I do on building HYGGEME , the passion I have for everything it is about, the time I spend writing and working on the positive inspiration how did this happen . 

i can't say there is just one reason there are lots of small reasons , that I let build up , instead of dealing with them one by one as they were presented to me .  

When under attack, after trying to seek help in a certain situation, I did not protect my positivity . I reacted back to that aggression in a negative way  . I let that negativity creep into my life and consume my mind . 

Sleepless nights started as I let my mind take control and escalated the situation into a huge elephant in the room. 

I should have initially not let the negativity and aggression have an impact on me , I should have met it with love and positivity , not allowing myself to become negative . 

The wake up call came when It was having impact on my health and the way I was interacting with others . Tears , anger , tiredness and my whole lust for life I was struggling to find .  

The realisation that it had taken control of me came to me suddenly and I knew I had to use all the tools I talk about and have used to get my mindset back to where it had been for a long time - positive , happy , open to everything with a hunger for life and a fear of nothing . 

I started where I started right at the beginning of all this. Seeing the most amazing women who I go to for Reiki . I sat and talked and talked before my reiki ., in the past she has had to give me the tools and advice to deal with situation but this time , I told her what I had to do and her words were "see you have all the answers so just go do it " . An intense reiki session followed this and I knew I had to work on protecting myself from the negative energy I was being faced with .

Today I faced that negativity with positivity , a smile , huge hope and feelings of happiness for the future ahead . No of course all the negativity around me hasn't  gone ,to the challenges I am faced with daily haven't disappeared but I'm able to not let them have impact on the happy , outgoing , positive and adventurous person I am . 

Even the founder of HYGGEME has some weeks to work on being drawn into negativity and over come her fears . 

For me now I just want to continue working to help others learn to lead a positive , happy life and learn to enjoy simple pleasures .