As I have opened my eyes , over the years , to the actions and words of others I have learned valuable lessons  .


I would say I have become extremely perceptive and aware of other people's actions and how to not  let them impact on me. I have learned to protect my aura as much as possible . 

Over  the past couple of weeks I have come across what I call a shift in blame. Offloading all responsibility and fault to another person to protect yourself at all cost . 

This to me is a cowards action . This is what happens when people can't admit their short comings and failings , instead they shift the blame onto the other person, using negative and destructive words with no prior discussion . 

I' m disappointed you did not take action  - no question or thought given to , maybe there was a good reason I didn't take action .

I don't think you are at the right stage for this - no information or back up to this statement just an assumption based on their thoughts . 

Ultimately what I know from this and from book after book, I have read , is none of the above statements were really about my short comings . They were about theirs and their inability to be truthful.

One word springs to mind cowards . Instead of taking action and responsibility for their decisions and actions they blame shift . 

I have come across this recently in two different aspects of my life , from two very different people but both not having the courage, strength or compassion to stand up and be truthful . 

7 years ago this would have sent me into a frenzy of tears, anger and made me feel yet again worthless. Today  I feel strong , amazing and happy these things happened as I can actually see them for what they are , their shortfalls in life . 

Disappointed I am, as i more than anyone know the harm lying and blame shift can cause to a person who is weak .Luckily I am strong now and just glad my eyes have been opened .