HYGGEME -overcoming fear.


Since I started HYGGGEME I am often sent messages thanking HYGGEME for the posts and comments on how that days quotes really helped them at the very moment they needed it .

Sometimes in life things are presented to us at just the right moment . Afiter all they do say ask and you shall receive .  

During some of my darkest moments I never use to ask I use to battle instead . Now I always ask deep within myself for help, guidance and strength to get me through difficult situations . 

Every HYGGEME quote/ affirmation has a unique meaning behind it and bring thoughts of joy, strength , encouragement , hope and positivity when you most need it .  

I have been thinking long hard about how I can help more through HYGGEME and I have been exploring the avenue of the quotes and affirmations I give to people in private to make these public , to help more people who are feeling the same way draw hope and strength from these as well . 

HYGGEME will start doing weekly and eventually daily short blogs on one particular affirmation or quote   based on the messages from HYGGEME followers looking to draw strength on a particular subject . 

Today irs fear . So many people have both sent messages and commented on this subject .The questions , statements and comments do not necessarily have the word fear in them , but they are all centred a round fear . 

"I don't want to be on my own , I want to have a partner " 

"I hate my job / career but need the money to pay the bills "

"I push people away that get close to me , how can I stop doing this and why do I do it " 

These 3 simple statements I have read over and over again through HYGGEME and I am also confronted with these in my everyday life by friends , acquaintances and reading people's posts on social media .

What is at the very core of all these statements ? ..,FEAR.  

FEAR  of being on their own - they would rather have anyone in their than  the thought of the possibility of having a happier life , a more content one living their life . People then but all their happiness onto having the attachment of a partner rather than overcoming that fear and living their life and building a life for them . The result they end up clinging to someone who is not right for them , who possibly let's them down , who has a difficult outlook on life to them .., they will settle for just having someone rather than the right one . 

FEAR of failure building the life you truly desire - instead of just giving it a go they come up with so many excuses as to why they can't build the life doing what the love . Most of this usually relates to money but if you push that fear aside and turn it into love and passion for what you do then that fear no longer exists and you will only ever fail  when you stop trying .  

FEAR of being hurt - as soon people begin to get close to them they find ways ( subtle ways ) of pushing them away rather than letting go of that fear and just enjoying the path , they end up causing the hurt rather than overcoming or letting go of their fears .  

What do they need to do to overcome this FEAR  

Love - learn to love your life on your own . See it as an opportunity to do the things that excite and inspire you. Live a life full of the things that make you happy . Simple pleasures can bring you the most rewards and learning to enjoy your own company brings a calmness to your life .

LOVE- learn to love your ideas and the thoughts that inspire you everyday . Learn to be enthusiastic about what inspires . Love , do not fear , that we all have the ability to change our careee direction . Channel all your efforts into doing what you love then your work will not be a chore but a passion . Of course you may not be able to quit your current job but you can start making the shift to creating a life and career you love . Open your mind to opportunities and turn that fear of the future into the love of a more fulfilled life .  

LOVE- start loving the people and opportunities that come your way . See them as part of the journey and but do not attach them to your overall happiness . People come into your life as a compliment to it not to fix you and your life . Let these people in , let yourself enjoy the journey but do not attach your whole life's happiness to that one person . You have no control over how anothers treat you but you have control over yourself and how you respond to those situations .. if someone shows you kindness learn to embrace it , take it do not be fearful of it . Living in the moment can help us in these situations , just enjoy the present moment and do not look too far forward . Life is happening now and today is all we have for today . 

 Remember this "everything that is feared cannot be loved and everything that is loved cannot be feared" .

If you start to love then there will be no fear .

As light overcomes darkness , love onercomes feae. 

This  has been such a rewarding morning writing this and please keep sending your comments , requests and stories , each one inspires me daily to be grateful for HYGGEME and doing what I love .

Thank you