3 Simple Steps to a positive , morning mindset .

One of HYGGEME’s main focuses is teaching people to feed their mind with positive thoughts .the benefits you have both mentally and physically when you do this are better than any pill you can pop . Have you ever challenged yourself even for one day to change your mental attitude ?

Why not give it a go ?

How hard can it be ?

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Thank you so much for visting HYGGEME.

I am Kim Flower founder of HYGGEME. I live in beautiful Scotland with my two amazing girsl who ,every day , teach me to become a better person. The most important think in life is to be happy and so what makes you happy ,however this is also one of the hardest things to find and be . I do believe with the right mindset , willingness to try and being open to anything that presents itself happiness is possible for everyone.

What started as an outlet to explore positivity has become my passion .At the age of 38 I took my first steps to a different life.I had no idea where the journey would take me and I certainly was not practising positivity or even happy in my life however I had this desire for a different life .

The first few years of this path are all a bit of a blur ,my main focus was to build a happy home for my children .I did not really care for myself only my children's happiness. I worked hard to build a comfortable home for them and make sure they were not suffering, as  a result of the changes that were going in their life - a new home, parents separating , grief and anger.I would drown my feelings by surrounding myself with people and alcohol at any social occasion I could. Over the years my circle had grown larger however I felt the loneliest I had ever felt . It took until I hit rock bottom inside to see the life I was beginning to create was making me deeply and unhappy .

A couple of years ago , over a chance conversation with a friend , I was introduced to a Reiki practioner . Little did I know that day , that this person would change my path and lead to me the life I had been searching for . It was not an easy journey and somedays it is still tough but the person I have found inside me was worth every tear ,hurdle and heartbreak.

I use postivity everyday to keep me on track and I wanted to share what I have learned with others to help them find happiness.

My dream and long term goal is to have a HYGGEME SANCTUARY a place where anyone can go and feel welcomed and wanted . A place that offers warmth , postivity , hope and a little bit of happiness at those difficult times in peoples life. A place surrounded with positive books, positive quotes and offering people the chance to try different tools to help them find a bit of happiness and peace in their life. A place to get creative ,a place to be mindful, a place to be kind to your body and mind.

My purpose to help others enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer .I hope you enjoy following our  HYGGEME journey  .

Love KF x

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Imagine if all your thoughts and words were positive .

We are all in control of our thoughts and our life.. If we go into situations with a negative attitude then the result of that situation is not going to be positive .

It seems to be such an acceptable way to live  . We go for a job interview with the thought " I probably won't get it " .We look in the mirror and think " I'll never be a healthy body weight " and the negativity just goes on and on .

The simple everyday thoughts we feed our minds with, have a huge impact on the results . If that negativity continues we will never achieve the results in life we want .

Listen to the words and thoughts that creep into your head and make a conscious decision to change them - I am worthy of this job , my body deserves to be healthy . There is a book that gives a very simple but great example of this . We get up in the morning and look outside , it's raining . Our immediate reaction to this is ,what a lousy day . There is no such thing as a lousy day it's a wet day and that day can be just as good a day as any , the only difference is you need to dress yourself appropriately.

As you go about your day start being aware of your thoughts and as that negativity creeps into your texts , your words and your thoughts stop and correct those words . Positive energy attracts nothing but positive results .

Life is full of situations that challenge us . It's up to us how we react and deal with these situations that matters . When something happens in your life, that was not part of the plan, how do you deal with it ? Are you the person saying over and over this is a disaster, these things always happen to me or are you the one solving the challenge that has presented itself in a proactive and positive way . Have you ever thought that these challenges could be there as a lesson .

We are all dealt a set of cards in this life , it's how we chose to play them that counts .

Make today the start of a positive life .


KF x  


HYGGEME -make time for me challenge

Make time for me challenge  

Make time for me challenge  

It's strange when you actually begin to plan more into your life , you seem to gain more time .

I have made a point ,since I started this "make time for me challenge ", of planning me time into my day and diary everyday . At first I worried I would feel selfish for doing this but instead it's made me feel happier and more organised .

I've planned in doing lots of things I enjoy and I am also planning lots of things I want to try . This morning I'm child free so I've had a morning of coffee , planning and being creative which is what I do best . I think as I had my family the creative side of me I put on hold and now it's bursting out every pore in my body . Sometimes the creativity and ideas get so overwhelming that I panic and don't know where to start . Planning and focusing on one task at a time helps me work through all these ideas and plans .it also helps me to prioritise them .

Yesterday I was introduced to a couple of planning tools that I am excited to start using and hopefully help me to get through each task and keep focusing on working towards the end goal . The most important thing that I will be continuing to plan each day though is "me time " . #maketeforme #maketime4mechallenge

start making time for yourself , everyone around you will benefit .

Love KF X


HYGGEME get asked a lot -

How can I improve my life ?


How can I improve my body ?

How can I improve my job ?

How can I improve my relationship?

How can I improve my happiness ?

If you are unhappy with things, in your life, it is up to you to change them. Thinking positivity about your end goal.Workinh consistently towards it , will help you achieve the result you want .

Improvement in our life's , our job's , our bodies or our relationships will only come about if we put the effort and work into them. 

If you are unhappy don't wish or expect it to change, of its own accord ,improvement starts with you .


take action, start targeting companies you would like to work for . Don't just wait for jobs to be advertised . Improve your skill set , take night classes doing something new, you enjoy . Think out of the box , write down all the skills you have and everything you do and have done in your career . Start seeing how those skill sets could be transferred to other jobs . Most of all  , if you are unhappy in your current role , find ways of not letting it have a negative impact in your life . As you go through your day think positively about each task you do knowing that you are working towards the role you dream of and one that makes you happy . Do not let the negativity have impact on you , try to protect yourself from it .


A healthy body starts with a healthy mind . It's up to you and only you to achieve this . If you don't make changes , you will never see results . Be honest with yourself , do you treat your body well ? Do you feed it like you love it? Start investing in yourself as it is the most important investment you will make . Small consistent changes in diet , exercise and mindset will lead to positive results .Most of all stop making excuses . A healthy body does not need to cost money however it does take time . If you need to get up half a hour early to fit in a walk or run do it . If you can't well fit it in ok your lunch hour . Day one or day one , you decide .


If you are in a relationship and not happy then take action . Start by thinking about what you are wanting from the relationship and the reasons your wants aren't happening. A relationship should be loving a person for who they are not what you want them to be . Are you too needy or are they too needy ? A relationship should be free of attachments and expectations . It's up to you to figure out how it could be changed and start making those changes , something as simple as better communication in the relationship could be a start . If you are looking for a partner the same applies a relationship should be finding the person you love as they are not who you want them to be . Having your own life and social activities is important too , a partner is meant to compliment your life , don't expect their life to become yours .


Most of all if you are not happy within yourself it is going to be very difficult for anyone to find happiness with you . Start making changes to your life to make yourself happy and start loving yourself . A lot of what you do to change your health , your body and learning to love yourself first will allow this to happen . Happiness comes from within . You need to start thinking about what small things that give you pleasure and do more of them . Walking , cooking , reading going on a trip . Also try something new and never stop learning or improving on yourself . 

Improvement starts with I .

If you want those improvements to happen start thinking about how you are going to succeed in these improvements . Write them down and your goals to affirm these . Most of all as Nike says just do it !  

Love KF X  

Founder of HYGGEME  


HYGGEME founder writes about her realisation that what she has been going through , for years , is Post Traumatic Growth . All that pain and fear was a positive journey towards growing into a stronger , resilient and happier person . Read the full blog and all about OptionB 

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As I have opened my eyes , over the years , to the actions and words of others I have learned valuable lessons  .


I would say I have become extremely perceptive and aware of other people's actions and how to not  let them impact on me. I have learned to protect my aura as much as possible . 

Over  the past couple of weeks I have come across what I call a shift in blame. Offloading all responsibility and fault to another person to protect yourself at all cost . 

This to me is a cowards action . This is what happens when people can't admit their short comings and failings , instead they shift the blame onto the other person, using negative and destructive words with no prior discussion . 

I' m disappointed you did not take action  - no question or thought given to , maybe there was a good reason I didn't take action .

I don't think you are at the right stage for this - no information or back up to this statement just an assumption based on their thoughts . 

Ultimately what I know from this and from book after book, I have read , is none of the above statements were really about my short comings . They were about theirs and their inability to be truthful.

One word springs to mind cowards . Instead of taking action and responsibility for their decisions and actions they blame shift . 

I have come across this recently in two different aspects of my life , from two very different people but both not having the courage, strength or compassion to stand up and be truthful . 

7 years ago this would have sent me into a frenzy of tears, anger and made me feel yet again worthless. Today  I feel strong , amazing and happy these things happened as I can actually see them for what they are , their shortfalls in life . 

Disappointed I am, as i more than anyone know the harm lying and blame shift can cause to a person who is weak .Luckily I am strong now and just glad my eyes have been opened . 


KF X  

HYGGEME- surround yourself with people who reduce the stress not cause it .


The past week other things have got in the way of HYGGEME ... I would love to say they were important things,  that needed HYGGEME's full attention but they were not . They were negative situations that entered into my life that I let consume me .

Yes even KF Miss positivity can have a lapse . 

With all the work I do on building HYGGEME , the passion I have for everything it is about, the time I spend writing and working on the positive inspiration how did this happen . 

i can't say there is just one reason there are lots of small reasons , that I let build up , instead of dealing with them one by one as they were presented to me .  

When under attack, after trying to seek help in a certain situation, I did not protect my positivity . I reacted back to that aggression in a negative way  . I let that negativity creep into my life and consume my mind . 

Sleepless nights started as I let my mind take control and escalated the situation into a huge elephant in the room. 

I should have initially not let the negativity and aggression have an impact on me , I should have met it with love and positivity , not allowing myself to become negative . 

The wake up call came when It was having impact on my health and the way I was interacting with others . Tears , anger , tiredness and my whole lust for life I was struggling to find .  

The realisation that it had taken control of me came to me suddenly and I knew I had to use all the tools I talk about and have used to get my mindset back to where it had been for a long time - positive , happy , open to everything with a hunger for life and a fear of nothing . 

I started where I started right at the beginning of all this. Seeing the most amazing women who I go to for Reiki . I sat and talked and talked before my reiki ., in the past she has had to give me the tools and advice to deal with situation but this time , I told her what I had to do and her words were "see you have all the answers so just go do it " . An intense reiki session followed this and I knew I had to work on protecting myself from the negative energy I was being faced with .

Today I faced that negativity with positivity , a smile , huge hope and feelings of happiness for the future ahead . No of course all the negativity around me hasn't  gone ,to the challenges I am faced with daily haven't disappeared but I'm able to not let them have impact on the happy , outgoing , positive and adventurous person I am . 

Even the founder of HYGGEME has some weeks to work on being drawn into negativity and over come her fears . 

For me now I just want to continue working to help others learn to lead a positive , happy life and learn to enjoy simple pleasures . 


KF X  

HYGGEME-start living the life you dream of .

Over the past few years I have heard and discussed with so many people about wanting to live a different life . 


The common denominator in all these conversations has been work . Each and every person was getting up each Monday with a weight on their shoulders, a heaviness for the week ahead and a longing for Friday to come . 

The conversations were and are usually along the same lines -

 I want to be doing something different .

I'm just bored .

I get no satisfaction from my work .

I am so unhappy . 

My work is draining the life out of me . 

I could go on and on with these statements as I've heard and said so many of them myself .  

Instead of living a life we now work to live . 

So what is it that is stopping all these people from living the life they dream of . A life more fulfilling , a happier life and a life that makes every Monday a pleasure to wake up to .

One word - FEAR  

Fear of the unknown  .

Fear of failure .  

Fear of paying bills.  

Fear of losing the stability.  

That word is the one and only thing stopping all these people .

What if all these people though faced their fear started living the life they dream of , changed what they did on a Monday morning and started to take that first step to a happier life ? 

I have had the pleasure to know a lovely, bright, bubbly, fun living girl for many years through work . She has been a huge supporter of HYGGEME and also leaving lovely comments on the quotes that are posted . Last week I read,in one of her posts, that she had left her work .I sent her a message wishing her well for the future and asking what she was going to be doing .Her reply I don't know !

This beautiful girl inside and out had become unhappy, lost her confidence and felt let down by the way others  around her had been treated . This amazing girl wasn't going to carry on living a life that was unhappy , unfulfilled and draining her . This girl took control of her life , felt the fear and left her job . 

A lot of  people's reaction to this was your mad ! Mine was quite the opposite I was so proud of her for leaving the  part of her life that made her unhappy . I loved her excitement and enthusiasm for the unknown .. instead of being scared of the unknown she was excited , happy and hugely optimistic .

overcoming her fear had allowed her to become happy again and start living a life rather than working to live . I of course understand more than anyone we all have bills to pay and commitments but if we want to change our life's to a happier one we also need to make changes to our current situation . Clearing debts , simplifying our life's and cutting our cloth accordingly .

Fears don't stop death , we have no control over that , they stop life . They stop us living the life that we dream of . A life of happiness .. I'm not talking about a life full of material things . 

A life of happiness. 

A life full of love for each day. 

A life that has a purpose . 

A life full of simple pleasures. 

I myself am so inspired by my friends story it has pushed me as well to face my fears .


KF x  

HYGGEME -overcoming fear.


Since I started HYGGGEME I am often sent messages thanking HYGGEME for the posts and comments on how that days quotes really helped them at the very moment they needed it .

Sometimes in life things are presented to us at just the right moment . Afiter all they do say ask and you shall receive .  

During some of my darkest moments I never use to ask I use to battle instead . Now I always ask deep within myself for help, guidance and strength to get me through difficult situations . 

Every HYGGEME quote/ affirmation has a unique meaning behind it and bring thoughts of joy, strength , encouragement , hope and positivity when you most need it .  

I have been thinking long hard about how I can help more through HYGGEME and I have been exploring the avenue of the quotes and affirmations I give to people in private to make these public , to help more people who are feeling the same way draw hope and strength from these as well . 

HYGGEME will start doing weekly and eventually daily short blogs on one particular affirmation or quote   based on the messages from HYGGEME followers looking to draw strength on a particular subject . 

Today irs fear . So many people have both sent messages and commented on this subject .The questions , statements and comments do not necessarily have the word fear in them , but they are all centred a round fear . 

"I don't want to be on my own , I want to have a partner " 

"I hate my job / career but need the money to pay the bills "

"I push people away that get close to me , how can I stop doing this and why do I do it " 

These 3 simple statements I have read over and over again through HYGGEME and I am also confronted with these in my everyday life by friends , acquaintances and reading people's posts on social media .

What is at the very core of all these statements ? ..,FEAR.  

FEAR  of being on their own - they would rather have anyone in their than  the thought of the possibility of having a happier life , a more content one living their life . People then but all their happiness onto having the attachment of a partner rather than overcoming that fear and living their life and building a life for them . The result they end up clinging to someone who is not right for them , who possibly let's them down , who has a difficult outlook on life to them .., they will settle for just having someone rather than the right one . 

FEAR of failure building the life you truly desire - instead of just giving it a go they come up with so many excuses as to why they can't build the life doing what the love . Most of this usually relates to money but if you push that fear aside and turn it into love and passion for what you do then that fear no longer exists and you will only ever fail  when you stop trying .  

FEAR of being hurt - as soon people begin to get close to them they find ways ( subtle ways ) of pushing them away rather than letting go of that fear and just enjoying the path , they end up causing the hurt rather than overcoming or letting go of their fears .  

What do they need to do to overcome this FEAR  

Love - learn to love your life on your own . See it as an opportunity to do the things that excite and inspire you. Live a life full of the things that make you happy . Simple pleasures can bring you the most rewards and learning to enjoy your own company brings a calmness to your life .

LOVE- learn to love your ideas and the thoughts that inspire you everyday . Learn to be enthusiastic about what inspires . Love , do not fear , that we all have the ability to change our careee direction . Channel all your efforts into doing what you love then your work will not be a chore but a passion . Of course you may not be able to quit your current job but you can start making the shift to creating a life and career you love . Open your mind to opportunities and turn that fear of the future into the love of a more fulfilled life .  

LOVE- start loving the people and opportunities that come your way . See them as part of the journey and but do not attach them to your overall happiness . People come into your life as a compliment to it not to fix you and your life . Let these people in , let yourself enjoy the journey but do not attach your whole life's happiness to that one person . You have no control over how anothers treat you but you have control over yourself and how you respond to those situations .. if someone shows you kindness learn to embrace it , take it do not be fearful of it . Living in the moment can help us in these situations , just enjoy the present moment and do not look too far forward . Life is happening now and today is all we have for today . 

 Remember this "everything that is feared cannot be loved and everything that is loved cannot be feared" .

If you start to love then there will be no fear .

As light overcomes darkness , love onercomes feae. 

This  has been such a rewarding morning writing this and please keep sending your comments , requests and stories , each one inspires me daily to be grateful for HYGGEME and doing what I love .

Thank you  

KF X  


Love yourself inside and out .  

Love yourself inside and out .  

A huge part of why I created HYGGEME was also to improve on myself both inside and out . Like everyone I have days , weeks and months I struggle with every day life and turn to food for comfort .  I also love to cook and fit this into my life as pleasure time for me. A Sunday afternoon cooking with a glass of wine is one of my favourite pleasures . 

What I have been noticing recently , as I get older , is my skin seems to be getting duller and my metabolic rate has slowed down . With that need to increase my level of activity to keep my metabolic rate going . Someone I know was planning on doing a 3 day juice cleanse that she had bought and I was intrigued by this and decided to develop my own and give it a go . 

After spending time researching and trawling the internet for inspiration and facts I was ready to start planning my own . Like everything i try to do in my life now I wanted to keep the juice cleanse simple  . I decided to use Monday ,Tuesday and Wednesday as my 3 days to do the HYGGEME CLEANSE that way  as

• I could still enjoy my weekends.

• Easy to fit round my work . 

• Great way to cleanse yourself inside after a weekend of indulgence. 

• Allows you the Sunday to do the prep. 

I must say I found it a lot easier than I imagined to do . At no point did I feel hungry  however I do think I was in the mindset that I wanted to see it through and feel the benefits .

I was very surprised by the results and all in just 3 days . 

• My skin was brighter and clearer.. By morning of the 3rd day I actually didn't mind looking in the mirror first thing at my face . This change didn't go unnoticed by others , it  motivated me even more when people commented how good my skin looked . 

• My eyes had lost all puffiness . Over the past couple of years I had noticed my eyes beng puffy in the morning this was the one thing I was extremely surprised at the results of the cleanse . 

• That mid afternoon slump at work disappeared. Usually by 3 I would start to feel a lack of energy and motivation however I felt more alert and brighter throughout this time . 

• My stomach felt flatter and less bloated . I am not a believer in scales or weighing yourself however I do know by the fit of my clothes my waistline felt neater and overall I felt better about myself . 

• I had more energy and my running and exercise seemed to benefit from the extra energy . 

This is not a diet , this is not about losing weight this about self improvement from the inside . If you are wanting something to cleanse yourself inside and out and make you feel better than I would recommend giving it ago . For 3 days just feeding your body lots of goodness and natural food .

WIth all of the cleanse juices recipes feel free to adapt your own using the fruits and vegetables you like . It's good to add your own spin and identity to this . 

Also if you do struggle , as I did , with missing that savoury taste sensation keep a jar of picked beetroot or onions to hand !


strawberries ( frozen or fresh ) 

bananas ( ripe )






spinach ( frozen or fresh) 

Fresh mint  ( buy a potted one ) 








handful oats   

Strawberries a large handful approx 9 






THE GREEN ONE  ( the pick me up ) 

spinach (  la arge handful ) 

mango 1/2  


pimeapple 8 cubes


squeeze of lime  

spoonful of honey 

Cup of water  


THE GREEN ONE ( the refresher )  

spinach ( a large  handful  )

avocado ( 1/4) 



pineapple (handful cubes ) 

squeeze of lime  


spoonful honey  


I drank 4 a day and tended to make double of one of the green ones . I would pack as much spinach and mint in a I could . 

The last thing couple of things I would recommend is to drink as much water as possible and I would also recommend kick starting your day with some apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water with lime juice and honey to help kick start your cleanse . 

I would love to hear how you get on with it if you try it and remember if you want to introduce some product snack on some unsalted nuts .

Healthy body / healthy mind  .




( founder HYGGEME)  









Maybe if we all lived with less some people could begin to live with more .

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When I travel there are certain things that I pack and take with me instinctively to give me that HYGGE feeling . It's something I've never really thought about , until now , but there a few essentials  always in my hand luggage to make me feel connected to home and keep me feeling comfortable and content when traveling .

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Eliminate the negative

Focus on the positive , eliminate the negative and watch you our life move in the right direction .


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