Welcome to HYGGEME , helping you to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Our Story

HYGGEME is the passion of its founder Kim Flower.

Having, for many years, had her own silent battle with depression KF eventually found a new path in life that helped her embark on a positive journey and a life with a purpose.

KF throughout her journey became aware how many other people , just like her , suffered in silence and were desperate to find a route to happiness. She became passionate about helping others who were lost and lonely in their own life to become positive and happier in their life's again.

KF discovered, throughout her journey, the power of positive thinking . She became increasingly aware how the simplest of thoughts could change your day and how enjoying simple pleasures again changed your mental attitude. Through her journey, to a better way of life, KF engaged in many different lifestyle changes and challenged herself mentally and physically to experience new activities and therapy.

She wants to help others to find happiness in life's simple pleasures .


A place full of positivity.

A place to feel inspired .

A place to bring calmness to your life.

A place to try something new.

A place to teach you how to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

A place you enjoy coming back to time and time again.

Please follow our instagram , facebook or twitter pages for daily inspiration to a positive life.You can  find out more about KF and the long term HYGGEME plan on the Founder Page .

HYGGEME hope to a bring a bit of postivity and happiness to your life .After all life is too short not to smile and enjoy life's simple pleasures each day.