HYGGEME offer a range of services to promote health care through healing from the inside out .

HYGGEME are available for both private & corporate clients.

HYGGME can also tailor evening, day and weekend retreats working in collaboration with other businesses to offer you something truly unique.



Are you interested in bringing meditation into the workplace? No matter what your business is , these workshops are a great way to offer a healthy way to manage stress and anxiety in any setting. Workshops can be tailored for each organisation based on your requirements and these can last between 30 to 90 minutes. This can be presented in a group setting or integrated into a weekly meeting. 

A sample of a workshop is detailed below. Please contact us if you are interested in a workshop.


  • What is meditation

  • Meditation myths

  • Why do you meditate

  • Benefits of meditation for you

  • Benefits of meditation for your business


  • Expectations of meditation prior to practice

  • Awareness exercise

  • Connecting with the breath

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Guided meditation practice

  • Discussion over practise and outcomes


  • When,where & for how long

  • Meditation environment

  • Reasons we do not meditate

  • What it takes to meditate daily

  • How to keep yourself & others motivated


  • 5 minutes a day

  • Make the time

  • 2 Week meditation practice challenge

  • The before and after of daily meditation

EXAM STRESS - Be kind to your mind ! 

As the run up to exam season starts so does the increase in anxiety and stress .

Often pupils and students are creating negative stories in their head about failure before they have even started . 

Exams, mock exams and revision, put most people under pressure and weigh your mind down with facts, figures and information.

Our minds can become overloaded, causing stress, mood changes and anxiety. When the mind is stressed, this impairs memory, affects sleep and exacerbates the imbalance in our life (even if only for a limited time).

With all that negativity , anxiety and stress going on it is often impossible for pupils to even begin to plan their workload let alone start studying .

Whether juggling 9 subjects or 3 the internal and external pressure students feel can be overwhelming . This can lead to them withdrawing , mood swings , upset , anger , loss of sleep and lack of energy .

HYGGEME teach techniques and tools to help students through this difficult period -


Relaxation techniques 

Guided meditation 

Understanding anxiety 

Help to create and affirm a positive exam experience 

Bring awareness to stress and anxiety triggers 

With these tools the outcomes you can achieve are -

Reduced anxiety 

Reduced stress 

Increased focus and attention 

Increased retention of information 

Increased creativity .

Other things that can help during this period is getting outdoors more , taking regular breaks , doing exercise , feeding your body well , keeping your water take up and setting time aside to do things you enjoy .

As well meditation we also offer and recommend reiki as an amazing tool to bring calmness and mental clarity .

The reiki energy works to quieten the mind and  works to reverse the negative impact of all the increased stress and anxiety .

We work by setting the intention during reiki to support and guide you through the exam process in a calm manner free of stress and to bring clarity to your mind .

Reiki is one of the most powerful tools for total relief from the self talk and mental chatter .

Please contact us on 07792915343 for more information and to book now .