HYGGEME did not begin on a yoga mat it began in a Boardroom .

Working as a  Buyer and National Account Manager for over 20 years Kim Flower, HYGGEME'S founder, was used to long days of deadlines, projections,targets,budgets,stress and egos. 

These days she has turned negotiation into meditation.It is now her passion to help others by introducing them to conscious living where we can live the best life possible.

Kim set up HYGGEME in 2016 after using many traditional therapies to overcome her own battle with depression, anxiety and stress. Reiki, Meditation, Visualisation and Conscious Living are all tools that transformed her life from- one of fear,stress and anxiety to one of abundance,opportunity and happiness.

Kim lives and practises in Scotland and also travels throughout the UK for workshops,corporate clients and events.

HYGGEME now deliver and offer workshops - training - therapies- retreats across all sectors EDUCATION - CORPORATE - PRIVATE - THIRD SECTOR.

We connect the very best in their field with businesses and individuals to create something truly unique to support all mental and emotional wellbeing needs .

The services HYGGEME offer give you the chance to heal your body,mind & spirit.

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Are you ready for change and to create your own inner sanctuary of positive well-being and positive mental health?

We invest so much money on our physical and oral health but very little on our mental health. Here at HYGGEME we are determined to change that .


MENTAL BALANCE  - A Positive mindset,a feeling of increased self worth,  an inner calm, increased creativity , increased productivity and becoming a solution   when met with challenges 

PHYSICAL BALANCE  - A healthy sleeping pattern, a well fuelled body ,

EMOTIONAL BALANCE  -Promotes forgiveness, love, hope for the future, a sense of gratitude and encourages empathy for others.

SPIRITUAL BALANCE - A strong sense of purpose and being .